Saturday, April 25, 2009

Real Live Car Chase on Twitter!

It all started with a follow:

A follow by a local auto dealership
. I distinctly remember a snarkier version of a reply going thru my head, but thought the better of it. It was actually kind of cool that a local business was following people they saw as local potential customers. I just wasn't one of those people...

But yet again, this strange world of social media surprised me pleasantly. A day later, the people over at Schleuter Chevrolet actually decided to understand my objections to car ownership and get into my head a little bit. As someone who also needs to understands markets and messaging and customer segmentation, I decided to be forthcoming with my logic, and open the door to a conversation with them.

For this I tremendously respect them, and having now followed them back, am happy to keep the dialogue open about car ownership choices. Automotive sector must be a very difficult place to be right now. But if tapping into the psyche of non-buyers helps them figure out services, packages, alternative products to generate new sources of opportunities, then I'll spill my guts.

I made a personal decision to stop owning a car 4 years ago, but understand this is not a choice most people find convenient. For those of you unable to make that choice, I recommend checking out Schlueter Chevrolet. Sounds like they'd actually treat you like a person.

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  1. Cheryl a great post on a really interesting subject. As a 42 year old male who has never driven a car in his life, most Canadians look at me like I am mad - but when I lived in the UK, it was a conscious decision like yours to do with out a car. However I am in the burbs, and I think driving lessons are on the agenda.

    As for the use of social media, it just shows that some people do indeed 'get it' :-)