Saturday, December 5, 2009

Social Media 101 - Building a Better Professional Profile Online

Been a tough week hearing about more layoffs in the Waterloo / Toronto tech community. Some fantastic and talented people out there right now.

So... If you are newly unemployed, and worried that you need a better online professional presence, I'm inviting you to come out on Thursday December 10.

Or... if you are still gainfully employed, but concerned that your lack of web presence is holding you back from new opportunities... I'm inviting you to come out on Thursday December 10.

Bring enthusiasm, a couple of concrete goals, be prepared to chat about what has/has not worked for you so far.

And if there's any local recruiters listening in... please pop in to meet some top notch talent.

Location: Huether Hotel - Third Floor Boardroom
Time: 7-8pm workshop - informal networking after 8pm
No charge - but please RSVP directly to me at

See you there.


  1. Great idea Cheryl. Happy to offer my support!

    I hope you're ok with me taking the concept to Europe:

    Daniel / @danielkraft

  2. Is this meeting going to be Skyped? Is it going to have a web presence?

  3. I will know in by end of day Tuesday - am optimistic but need to check out the venue first.