Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Anthropomorphication of The Brand Must Stop

"Engaging with the brand" "What the brand seeks to accomplish" "The voice of the brand" "What the brand desires" "Creating a personal relationship with the brand"

I've had it. A brand does not have goals, nor desires, nor friends, nor a voice. Marketers and PR people need to stop this crap. In an era where so-called civilized nations are now ascribing elements of citizenry, speech rights and standing in the democratic decision making of our societies to corporations, pretending that a logo, a message, a tag line or a product preference is a person is BS.

Stop it now.

This is an utter waste of the potential of what social media can accomplish. Connect people with people. Help them find their voice online. I have no problem using these platforms for commercial purposes and market education, but the ongoing anthropomorphication of the word Brand has got to end.


  1. I will leave the social media commentary to you, but I agree across the board.

    Brand management is 1950's marketing. Foolish marketing managers with neither money or sense push brands they can't fund.

    Branding = Lots of money.

    Spend the damn money on lead generation instead.

  2. I’m on the fence with whether I agree or disagree with this posting. While I’d be hard pressed to say a brand is a person it does have a life of its own – one that inspires

    While the brand itself is not a person, human aspirations, desires and wants are. Human nature is to want the thing that’s right for them or to envy the thing they can’t have. It’s the essence of the brand that we are attracted to – the way it makes us feel when we wear it or green with envy when it drives by with the roof down.

    If we didn’t have brands we wouldn’t have BMW’s and old beaters sharing the road – all we’d have are black Fords. How boring would that be?