Sunday, March 15, 2009

"Information Governance in the 2.0 World"

Thrilled to finally see my article "Information Governance in the 2.0 World" appear in the current March 2009 issue of Financial Executive Magazine . (Note - subscription only...)

As the culture, technologies and content forms inspired by the world of Web 2.0 are adopted by information workers, the potential for disruption in mainstream business is massive... if we don't pay attention now.

New perspectives on appropriate use policies, a rethink of privacy, security and confidentiality, a recognition of the opportunity to see substantial cost savings and productivity improvements, the chance to discover unheard voices and expertise. Companies that want to stay agile and reinvent themselves while competitors retrench in fear can use the new world of online collaboration to advantage.

Check out the article if you can, or use this opportunity to make a friend in your corporate finance department and see if they'll lend you their copy of the magazine. That's what the social workplace is all about, right?

(nice comments/summary of this article at Lee Hopkins blog:

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